Nationwide Effort: All 50 State Capitols!
Will you privately sponsor and finance a Nativity display at your State Capitol?

                                                                                 2015 list:
     To determine whether or not a Nativity scene was displayed in 2015 in your State Capitol click on your state below if listed and when the link opens change the date to 2015.  For those states not listed simply click on Arkansas and when the link opens change the name from Arkansas to the name of your home state and also change the date to 2015. You can do similar searches for the current year and previous years, too. Thank you!

2014 list:
Arkansas, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi,
Nebraska, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin

Oklahoma’s Governor’s Mansion

For more information, contact:
American Nativity Scene
The American Nativity Scene Committee works with individuals and groups
by providing the statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Angel at no cost.
The actual wood manger will need to be provided by the individual or group.”

Springfield Nativity Scene Committee
Julie Zanoza, Chairman

The First Amendment
Separation of Church and State?”


Illinois State Capitol Nativity Scene
2008 - 2016

ILCapNativityphoto05 IlCapNativityexpla

Thomas More Society  
used by permission
Champaign    Springfield   Decatur